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  1. Hello, We’d like to introduce you to our Finger Lakes Climate Fund and Finger Lakes Energy Challenge. Please get in touch when you can.

    Gay Nicholson, President
    Sustainable Tompkins

  2. Dick Thompson says:

    I recently read the piece on your group in the Skaneateles Press. I think the plans for your Village office are great, the Marcellus library has done solar PV and Geothermal in their new building and it has been great. Although I am not a resident of Skaneateles, I think your goals are universal to all places. I live about 6 miles east, in Marietta. I have had a solar PV system for almost 2 years, and a solar hot water system for over 1 year. I would invite anyone interested in how solar works in our area and what is involved in doing solar on their homes to contact me. ( I do not work for a solar company) Email:

    • Thanks so much Dick. What a great offer. Perhaps after our Energy Challenge is off the ground we can plan a field trip to your house. There is a ton of interest in solar and I think that being able to discuss your experiences would be very helpful.

      • Dick Thompson says:

        Sure, I’d welcome anyone interested to come by and see the systems and visit. I know I would liked to have had that opportunity when I started. With solar systems prices coming down, it’s a very good financial investment as well as environmentally positive.

    • Dick – we would love to interview you as part of the Central New York Energy Challenge – we are featuring stories like yours on our website to inspire others in the region! Let us know if you are interested. You can contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. We are looking forward to April 8th – it has been great working with everyone at Sustainable Skaneateles!

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