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101 Sinclair Street, Skaneateles

101 Sinclair Street

101 Sinclair Street

Patti and Marvin Langley had a new house built for them in the Parkside Development within the Village of Skaneateles.  They considered electric, natural gas and geothermal for their heating source and chose geothermal because it is a clean energy source, has a smaller carbon footprint than other energy sources and the utilization costs are low.

Address:  101 Sinclair Street, Skaneateles

House area:  2700 square feet

Property:  7/10 of an acre

House built:  2011

Alternative Energy Source:  Geothermal Heating and Cooling

The Builder selected the installer.

The cost of the geothermal installation was included in the cost of the house.

Tax Incentives:  30% tax credit on their Federal Income Tax (expires in 2016)

The Langley’s monthly electric bill which includes heat, air conditioning, all appliances and lights is approximately $101/month.

The Langleys will be on site to answer your questions about geothermal from Noon until 3 PM on October 5.

No evidence of geothermal pipes under lawn

No evidence of geothermal pipes under lawn


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