Sustainable Skaneateles

3441 Rickard Road, Skaneateles

Solar Panels on the Barn Roof

Solar Panels on the Barn Roof

The Egglestons  recently put in a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System to provide electricity to their home and business because they feel it is the right thing to do.  They also wanted to invest in an alternative energy source because of the high cost of electricity in their area.  They found that their barn, which is used for their business, provided an appropriate location for solar from the standpoint of both ease of installation and position relative to the sun.

They feel having an installer that is familiar with all the steps for approvals, applications, and the process is imperative for a smooth, quick installation and start-up.

Address:  3441 Rickard Road, Skaneateles, NY

House Area:  1500 square feet

Barn Area:  8159 Square Feet

Property Area: 13 acres

House Built:  1996

Barn Built:  2006

Alternative Energy:  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System, 15.70 KW-DC system, 48 solar panels, 2 inverters and monitoring system, will produce 17,150 Kwh/year or 47 kwh/day average for 101.6% of current electricity use.

Installer:  Shamrock Solar Systems

Date of Installation:  August 5-12, 2013, went on-line August 19th

Financial Terms:  The Egglestons are leasing their PV system (20 year lease).  The lease payments are $205/month.  They were able to take advantage of tax credits. NYSERDA Grant: $21,974 to the Leasor, Federal Income Tax Credit $16,952 to the Leasor and a $5,000 tax credit to the Leasee.

Savings: Although their savings are yet to be determined they are estimating that they will save $50/month.

Advantages:  While the Egglestons feel the savings may be minimal, everything was put in place for them, service included and there was no out-of-pocket up front fee.  As energy costs rise the Egglestons will be locked into their payment for 20 years!



Recently Installed Solar Panels

Recently Installed Solar Panels


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