Sustainable Skaneateles

3949 East Street, Skaneateles

Passive solar home

Passive solar home

The Solargreen II design of this home is winner of the American Design for Better Living Award.  The original owners of 3949 East Street built the home specifically for energy consciousness utilizing passive solar energy, with automated insulated solar curtains to regulate temperatures, an air-tight wood stove with electricity as back up.  The home was built using an all-weather wood foundation system.  A durable plastic film around the entire exterior of the below grade walls directs all ground water into a gravel bed under the house and then  to a gravity drain away from the house.  The spaces in the walls and ceilings between framing members allow for ample insulation to reduce energy costs.  The lower level of the home contains the master and two other bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry room.  Because of the wood foundation the rooms are warm and dry.  In summer air conditioning is not necessary in the sleeping area.

Address:  3949 East Street, Skaneateles

House Built:  1982

Property Area:  1.8 acres

Alternative Energy:  Passive Solar.  Solar Storage wall contains Thermal 81 Energy Rods filled with calcium chloride.  These rods collect the sun’s energy during the day and release it during evening hours.  Also heat with wood stove and the present owners added natural gas to their energy sources.

Thermal rods

Thermal rods

Wood stove

Wood stove


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