Sustainable Skaneateles

4334 State Route 41A, Moravia

Solar PV and thermal panels on the barn and home roofs.

Solar PV and thermal panels on the barn and home roofs.

The Stinsons considered solar electric, solar thermal and geothermal when they were considering changing to an alternative energy source and heating source from the electric grid and an oil fired furnace.  They were able to install all three sources because they believed it to be the most energy efficient combination available.  The advantages of these systems are that they are clean, more efficient and help to make for a healthier environment.  They only wish that had installed these systems years ago!

Address:  4334 State Route 41A, Moravia, NY (10 miles South on Route 41A from Skaneateles)

House Area:  1600 square feet

Property Area:  26.6 acres

House Built:  circa 1820

Date of Installation:  Summer 2011

Financial Terms:  The Stinsons purchased their units.  The cost of the solar electric units (6.75 kW system-30 SUNPOWER Panels) was $42,000.  They were able to take advantage of rebates and tax credits including:  NYSERDA Credit $12,000, Federal Tax Credit $9,000 and NYS Tax Credit $5,000 for a total of $26,000, leaving a net cost for the entire system of $16,000.

Savings:  The Stinsons believe they are saving over $3,000/year overall in electricity and heating.

Bill and Janet are adding more insulation to their home, addressing any outstanding leaks and completing their heat and AC distribution, moving towards a “net zero” home.  Not bad for a 200 year old structure!

Hot water storage

Hot water storage

Geothermal pipes

Geothermal pipes


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