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4411 Vinegar Hill Road, Skaneateles

Solar panels on roof are barely visible

Solar panels on roof are barely visible

Home owner, Sharon Osika-Michales, attended a Sierra Club meeting in Syracuse in 2012, which focused on alternative energy sources for Central New York homeowners.  The presentation included a discussion on the Sierra Club’s working relationship with Sungevity which included incentives to both the Club and homeowner if they signed up for solar installation within a particular timeframe.  The Michales, who wanted to do something good for the environment, decided to lease the Sungevity solar panels.

Address:  4411 Vinegar Hill Road, Skaneateles, NY

House Area:  1700 square feet

Property Area:  Approximately 1 acre

House Built:  1900

Alternative Energy:  Sungevity solar system.  20 panels for 4.9 kilowatt system.

Date of installation:  February 2013

Installer:  CNY Solar Inc. 

Financial Terms:  The Michales are leasing their system for 20 years.  Sungevity took care of the building permit, installation, and electrical inspection and will maintain the units.  They put $2500 down and have a monthly lease fee of $35/month for 20 years.  If they purchased the system it would have cost approximately $26,000 before rebates and incentives.  Because the Michales chose leasing vs. purchasing the system, Sungevity receives the incentives and rebates rather than the homeowner.

Energy Bills:  The homeowner’s electric bill’s last summer ranged form $100-$120.  Since May their electric was only the base minimum to National Grid ($17.35).

One of the things Sharon really likes is the Sungevity website regarding her solar unit.  She can go online at any time and check how much power her system is generating per hour, day, week, month and year.  Sharon wishes she had her system installed sooner!

The homeowners will not be on site for the tour, but welcome the public to check out their system on October 5, noon – 4 pm.  Sharon has collected information about the process (leasing and installation), electric bills etc and placed them in a notebook that will be on site for the tour.  (A copy of the notebook will also be at the Village Hall)

Solar inverter and electric meters

Solar inverter and electric meters


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