Sustainable Skaneateles

737 Sheldon Road, Skaneateles

Solar array

Solar array

The Sheldon’s solar array is the only ground installation of solar panels on the tour.   The Sheldons considered wind and solar panel power when they were considering changing to an alternative energy source.  They chose solar as they felt it was the best return for the cost and has no maintenance.    They are very happy with their system and only wish they had made their initial installation larger!

Address:  737 Sheldon Road, Skaneateles, NY

House Area:  2232 square feet

Property Area: 6 acres

House Built:  1865 with addition in 2001

Alternative Energy:  Solar panel array.

Date:  July 2012

Installer:  Skyline Solar Inc.

Financial Terms:  The Sheldons purchased their solar array for $34,400 and were able to take advantage of rebates and tax incentives, which lowered the cost of their investment.

Energy Bills:  Prior to installing the solar panels, the Sheldon’s electric bill was, on average, $64/month.  Now they pay no electric bill except for the “net” meter use, which is approximately $16/month.  The Sheldon’s heating bills have gone down as well, as they are using excess electrical energy to offset their use of natural gas.

Bill Edwards of Skyline Solar, Inc. will be at 737 Sheldon Road from Noon until 2 PM on October 5 and will be happy to talk to you about the technical aspects of the Sheldon’s solar array.

IMG_3711 sheldons IMG_3712 sheldons


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